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We transport all around the United State, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe and every one of our shipments are 100% Live Guaranteed on Arrival ( That is assuming anything happens to the fish, we supplant it inside 24hrs or refund back your cash 100%).We also offer Express Overnight Shipment to buyer’s door. All our fishes are outfitted with Micro chip and endorsement to conform to CITES and we become the best Arowana brand notable in International market. wide scope of the best Arowana ( hostage reared) assortment beginning from standard to challenge qualities. Hence, every one of our fishes are electronically labeled with a micro processor (bearing an exceptional number) close to their stomach wall.

The transport of live fish is a subject that has been in the news several times during the past few years. We ship Arowanas and koi fish for sale worldwide, shipping is 100% safe. The release of exotic species into non-native ecosystems by irresponsible aquarists is a source of ecological problems, and major international transports from all parts of the world have triggered discussion on means to limit this damage.

Despite these concerns most people are unaware of the actual conditions experienced by fishes while being transported long distance, and some are even surprised to hear that fish can be sent across oceans. However, there is a whole branch of industry called  live-animal transport  that ships hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide on a daily basis. Fish are included in this trade which is regulated by animal welfare and wildlife legislation, and it’s a well-known fact that airlines strictly follow these laws.

The shipping containers used for shipping fishes are the same that are used for transporting all other animals, with some additional considerations that will be explained later in this article. They range in size from small gift boxes to huge crates with multiple compartments.

Large businesses usually use their own cranes and specialized trucks to transport the fish from the airport to the receiving facility where the fish are held until receiving a new shipment. In other occasions, smaller shipments can be handled by a single person using a hand cart and going directly from the airplane to a vehicle waiting on the tarmac.

Larger cranes are also used to load the crates onto trucks.

Fish should always be shipped along with adequate aeration, but not too much. The experience of airline personnel who regularly ship thousands of fishes every day is that it’s better to transport them under-oxygenated than over-oxygenated. This means that if the oxygen levels drop too low during the transport, the fishes would be stressed but safe; on the other hand, if there is too much oxygen in the water, you increase risks of fish death.

Fish are loaded into these containers in clean water, usually at the holding facility or directly at the airport. Of course it is not possible to fill a container with enough oxygen to sustain fish for days on end, so airlines use several strategies to ensure that there is always some amount of oxygen dissolved in the water of shipping boxes.


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